Amerikan Getaways 3000 – City of Denali

West Buttress St

“The City of Denali offers all the comforts of a large US city, yet remains just a 45 minute drive from the beautiful Alaskan coast. Founded in 1917 as Mount McKinley National Park, Denali was once home to the highest mountain peak in North America.

There was little significant development during this time, but the Muldrow Valley helium-3 boom established Denali as the industry center for a new age of American Energy which would dominate much of the 21st century and re-establish the US as a leading global superpower.

Muldrow Administration District

Denali was a boomtown and perhaps would have been little more, but changes in the Pacific Ocean prompted the US government to relocate many of its offices and Denali became the administrative headquarters of the New West Coast.

Today, the City of Denali is known for its historic downtown supertalls, grassroots implant art movement and the world famous Talkeetna Independence Day parade.

Whether you’ll be discovering the halogen bars of West Buttress St, enjoying the internationally acclaimed Amasian cuisine of Kantishna Hills or pampering yourself at the Wonder Lake Cytoplasty Spa, there’s something for everyone in the City of Denali.”

– Excerpt from Amerikan Getaways 3000 – City of Denali edition