The Monday Morning Blues

Note: The following piece was rejected by The challenge they set is that every story should be exactly 100 words in length. No more, no less. The title is not included.


There was a distinct smell of urine inside the booth.

Joanna Lumley’s robot voice said: ‘Option A: neurotoxic gas or Option B: mechanical inversion. Choose now.’

Option B must be for people with allergies. I’ll choose Option A.

‘You have chosen Option B. Option B has been rated extremely harrowing. Option A has been rated tolerably unpleasant. Are you sure you wish to continue with Option B?’

Option A please.

‘You have chosen Option B.’

‘Why did you use this service today?’

I work in marketing.

‘Thank you for choosing a Convenicide™ Death Booth. Please lower the splash guard now.’