Scary Things At The Edge Of Harding Icefield

My secretary and I stand at the edge of a place not intended for life to occur. A swirling portal of cold malevolence lies beyond these endless ice cliffs and lattices of crevasse. Dark forces are at work here. Even the Earth itself has deemed this place unsuitable for continued existence.

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The Insatiable Greed Of The Drooling Lens Hole

We sat alone on Thorofare Ridge as the savage tragedy of nature’s brutal indifference plays out below us. We are very small and the wilderness does not care if we live or die. We attempt in vain to calculate the impossible infinity in front of us while we eat our sandwiches.

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A Brutal Storm Over Savage Valley

Lone caribou runs through tundra. No escape from invisible predators. Warble fly is common in Denali National Park. They lay their eggs in the nose and throat of the caribou. Larvae hatch and bury themselves underneath the caribou’s skin or into the lining of the stomach or intestines. Without opposable thumbs, little can be done once an infestation has taken hold.

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