Death Or Glory On Dempster Highway

Somewhere around Richardson Pass, the wheels of our car locked into a skid and we began to hydroplane across the mud. As we slowly drifted over to the wrong side of the road, I realised that we were going to die.

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The Insatiable Greed Of The Drooling Lens Hole

We sat alone on Thorofare Ridge as the savage tragedy of nature’s brutal indifference plays out below us. We are very small and the wilderness does not care if we live or die. We attempt in vain to calculate the impossible infinity in front of us while we eat our sandwiches.

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Bad Drugs On Prince William Sound

My secretary and I have urgent business to attend to in Seward, the nature of which cannot be revealed here for reasons which cannot be revealed here, but it is imperative that we should be in The Salmon Bake bar and restaurant by sundown. Needless to say, the consequence of our absence would be devastating – for all of us.

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